Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Say Hello To Fab UK: A Posh Etsy For The Brits

The ad sidebar is a place the common computer user would call cyber hell. Home to ads telling you how to get rid of acne, parading around a perfectly airbrushed woman who's supposedly had what you'd call a pizza face ten days ago; and of course Bingo, gambling for the stay at home mum. An alternative to buying crew neck tops from Simply Be.

These are traps I would never fall into willingly. But enticed by scrolling advertisements of pretty neon cameras and candyfloss coloured things I probably don't need, I clicked happily on the link for Fab UK
Though I feared it might be one of these online designer outlets that make you sign up 23 of your friends before being able to even click the homeware tab, I was pleasantly surprised.

Fab UK is a 2012 online retail company stocking lovely items such as jewellery and furniture from different designers and labels, through time controlled sales. That's what I got from it. I found Fabel Jewellery on Fab UK by Sophie Chandler, who does very nice bits, right up all of our streets, all spikes and triangles and gold, very 'now'.

So I would definitely give this one a go, looks like it has a bright future and we all like to support the indies and the arts so, get on it and buy a cushion or something.

Happy shopping, happy summer PP.
Have a look at Fabel Jewellery , it's all gorgeous and a must.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


What a find, what a find. Introducing the Majestic Horse Legging by new Italian based brand Lovelysally. Lovelysally features its range of fashionista friendly leggings and soon to come bikini line on its online website. You'll find their legging range in an explosion of prints, ranging from the infamous galaxy print to ones with mountain and sky landscapes. The range starts and ends at £32 with free standard delivery to the UK, so no breaking the bank. Get on it. So the story goes we fell in love instantly with our new Italian lover, and so we've arranged to meet in person via express delivery!
Happy Shopping PP.x 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Zara Platform Sandal
It's all in the detail with this season's newest shoe silhouette.
The 'barely there' shoe is beautiful, it's minimalistic and will make any outfit, from tapered jeans to frilly dresses look prim and polished. In a nutshell, they do it big, even without the bells and whistles. Plus if you need a good staple, these are they. P's selected this pair from Zara, who have a good selection of skinny sandals at the moment so by all means, check them out.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Levi LTD EDITION Shorts £95
Quite hardcore if we do say so ourselves. These limited, and I do mean limited edition Levi shorts are a quick mid-month grab. Available in uk sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14, this pair from Ragged Priest will take your outfit from zero to ten even when they're sitting round your ankles. Wear with a loose sheer black top, pair of Converse or if we're feeling fancy, Jeffrey Campbell studded LITA's

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Topshop American Flag Bralet £12
After all they've given us the Big Mac, Phoebe from Friends and Dolly Parton, so I guess we ought to get patriotic at least once once in a while. P's spotted this lovely star spangled crop from Topshop, a great piece for your spring and summer wardrobe.

The crop has clearly taken on a new lease of life from those dark post-vest pre-bra days of pubescency. We can now proudly sport a navel without mum administrating a total outfit change seconds before leaving the front door. You could never quite dodge that one floorboard.
So if you happen to be passing Topshop nab one of these, theyre so comfy. Wear with a chiffon or jersey sheath midi, wedges or brogues.
Wear on the days when you think you'd make a better president.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Liberty Printed Knot Watches £59
From Erdem to Katranzou, it's no doubt that prints are a big hit this spring. We've loved it so dearly that we're quite comfortable plastering our blazers and suited trousers with the stuff. Why not have a printed watch to throw at it all. With these floral timetellers exclusive to our favourite heritage brand Liberty, you can get to that important interview on time and be part of spring's fashion garden.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Walking through rails and rails of mid-season stock when it’s that awkward time between summer and autumn, isn’t the greatest. There’s the endless carriage of pushchairs, the dodgy air conditioning and the frighteningly catchy 90s dance music.
 You dart sideways to an item worth inspecting, check the price, and see if there's any buttons left on it. Then during its examination, someone begins to breath down your neck, eyeing the same item in your hand. You're determined to stand your ground, and you can almost hear the saloon doors swing open as you dig your spurs into the floor. Tumbleweed in the form of hair extensions rolls by...
  Moments later you’re the victor, and after a few frosty sideways glances she retreats, looking longingly back at the loot. So with sheriffs badge secure, you proceed to the till, blowing the smoke off your invisible gun, living to shop another day.
To avoid buying pieces you know will be attracting moths in your wardrobe next year, choose ones in neutral colours, or items that you can re-work and renew. Just saves you throwing out the blue velvet flares you thought would make a comeback next season.


COS Cigarette Zip Trouser £58
Trousers... they say you just know when you find the right pair. They have to be the perfect shape, the perfect shade, and most importantly the cut must be impeccable. I think it's about time we stepped out of the winter blues and into summer brights, a total given by the look of this pair from COS. They are all of the above. Who said it wasn't easy being green? Airheads.
Happy shopping PP.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Topshop Florida Buckle Sandal £38/$76
If you've ever seen that legendary moment in the film 300, you'll know that the sandals Russell Crowe wore weren't the first thing that caught your eye( it was more like his glistening pecs). Nevertheless P loves a good sandal. They keep our feet cool and they give us the perfect incentive to get a pedicure. The ones featured are from lovely Topshop, and will pretty much match most of your spring going into summer wardrobe. You can always rely on tan in your wardrobe, for boho or vintage nights; or just for times when you think you're Florence Welch and get out the chiffon maxi. Cue Cosmic Love.
Happy Shopping PP.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012



The collar is no longer the frumpy fold of fabric you begrudgingly wrap your tie around on a Monday morning. It has become the new adornement of the neck, and the thing we don't mind slumping over the neck of our jumpers from time to time.

We would dread having to do up our top button in school, (the top trend of a head mistress that probably just needed a stiff drink). Saying that, we'd always find a way to release the chokehold that was the collar button. Be it at break, or for the very daring, when you couldnt hear the click of her heels.

Now that collars are super cool... behold. 
Enjoy browsing through all the collars at COCOO.SE
Happy Shopping PP. #totesamaze