Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Say Hello To Fab UK: A Posh Etsy For The Brits

The ad sidebar is a place the common computer user would call cyber hell. Home to ads telling you how to get rid of acne, parading around a perfectly airbrushed woman who's supposedly had what you'd call a pizza face ten days ago; and of course Bingo, gambling for the stay at home mum. An alternative to buying crew neck tops from Simply Be.

These are traps I would never fall into willingly. But enticed by scrolling advertisements of pretty neon cameras and candyfloss coloured things I probably don't need, I clicked happily on the link for Fab UK
Though I feared it might be one of these online designer outlets that make you sign up 23 of your friends before being able to even click the homeware tab, I was pleasantly surprised.

Fab UK is a 2012 online retail company stocking lovely items such as jewellery and furniture from different designers and labels, through time controlled sales. That's what I got from it. I found Fabel Jewellery on Fab UK by Sophie Chandler, who does very nice bits, right up all of our streets, all spikes and triangles and gold, very 'now'.

So I would definitely give this one a go, looks like it has a bright future and we all like to support the indies and the arts so, get on it and buy a cushion or something.

Happy shopping, happy summer PP.
Have a look at Fabel Jewellery , it's all gorgeous and a must.

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